The long walk

My daughter and I took a walk today. In the city, found a parking spot. Done with a doctor’s appointment, isn’t our next destination close by? Let’s walk! (destination was not close by). We started at 275 West Street.

First we encountered a cool sign (we didn’t go in).

Maryland history
Annapolis street sign
Annapolis Maryland
Awesome sign

Then we encountered a beautiful hummingbird named Ruby!

Annapolis Maryland
Hummingbird Ruby

Then a giant chicken! The first of many.

Street Art

Then we saw some absolutely gorgeous murals. I had to wander down this street:

Street lights
Annapolis mural

To see this work of art!

Art Avenue
Annapolis art scene
Mural street art

We walked back to West Street.

Black History Month
Annapolis Mural
Another of those crazy, zany, beautiful, artistic chickens!!!

Annapolis, Maryland
There’s another one back there!

Wild crazy zany kooky
Giant chickens
Scary Annapolis
Ghost chicken

A pretty doorway, an Annapolis staple. 

And then, the coolest chicken yet!

There’s a loud exhaust fan blowing above this one, I wish you could hear it!

Baroak Chicken

We finished our second errand and turned back toward the πŸš—. Whew, it’s hot! We got some water. Then a giant easel popped up!

Then another pretty mural @LemonGrass!

Mural @lemongrass

Another photo-op @Metropolitan!

Then almost back to our πŸš—!

Wait! βœ‹ One more chicken.

Annapolis chicken
Metropolitan chicken

A Terrifying Journey

Ok, so I’ve been living at Johns Hopkins hospital for a week with my son, Chance. I only expected us to be here overnight. Ha! I should have known better.

Johns Hopkins
Before surgery

Chance obviously has some challenges in life. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy as well as intellectual disabilities. I just tell everyone that he’s like a 9 month old baby, physically and mentally. Recently he was  also diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and we thought it might help to remove his tonsils. So, we came in on a Friday and the surgery went well. He was scheduled to stay overnight in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

PICU hospital stay
View from our window in PICU

Things went well the first night, but on Saturday morning he had a terrible seizure and Coded! For the uninitiated, that means his heart stopped and CPR was performed. I never thought I’d have to see CPR performed on one of my children.

CPR in action

Along with CPR comes a host of new fun things my boy has to endure, like being on a ventilator and having a needle jammed into his leg bone for quick IV access. That needle was quickly taken out after a central line was placed in his neck.

Johns Hopkins
Central line delivering meds

The central line was crucial for delivering the many meds to keep him unconscious and treat him with antibiotics, in case of infection.

Johns Hopkins hospital
Lots of meds for a little body

He was also given a urinary catheter (poor guy) and hooked up continuously to an EKG machine to check for “sub-clinical” seizures. Parents can learn lots of fancy medical terms they don’t want to know when their child is critically ill.

Johns Hopkins hospital
My child the mummy

As of this writing, it is Saturday again, one week since he coded. He was finally weened from the vent yesterday and is now on a bi-pap machine to support his breathing. I was so happy to have that tube removed, but now the real work starts for me. He’s awake and very unhappy with all of this, scooting down in the bed, throwing his arms around, trying to shake the bi-pap mask off. Also, all the antibiotics have given him terrible diarrhea, so every time he coughs there’s a mess to clean up. Fun times. 

Sick child
A dragon from Daddy

I’ll update some more later, when he’s off breathing assistance. Although that will probably take a few days as they step him down from bi-pap to c-pap to nasal cannula. See, those “fancy” medical terms again!!!

Peace. ✌

Trump Supporter Extraordinaire

​from a Trip Advisor review:

“i grew up going to rocky gap. and we took our kids there every summer for the last 10 years. (kids are 10,7,7) but it has gone down hill. not because the new casino either. which does diminish the “family type feeling.” But because it is being trashed by ppl coming from mexico. whites&blacks are the minority for sure. which wouldnt even be an issue, except it gets littered with trash, filth, etc. all over the beach area, picnic area, water, bathrooms, etc. im sure the park rangers do their best at keeping up with it, but they shouldnt have to in the first place if ppl were just respectful and not lazy. this hasnt been an issue ever, until last year and this year. apparantly these people are living at the campground area and its being over run. my kids all got really sick 3 days after swimming there. vomiting&diarrhea. never happened before, but we wont be going back. well go to new germany state park instead. same distance. less ppl. less trash. i also have pictures of all the trash, if i can upload them.”


Nuff’ said Make merica grate agin

No photos were ever uploaded by “Juan”, the one above is mine.

Summertime Tradition

We live near Baltimore, so the Orioles are very popular. And it would be fun to participate in an American tradition this summer. But, oh! Tickets, parking, food/drink, a small gift shop trinket and we’re out a couple hundred dollars.

So instead we go to minor league games that are even closer than going to Baltimore. Ours are the Bowie Bay Sox. And oh! Cheap tickets, free parking, moderate food/drinks, a larger gift shop trinket and seats so close, you can see the players faces. Oh yes!!! Go Bay Sox!

Heartbreaker πŸ’”

This photo came up on Facebook memories today. I remember it well. My daughter went camping on Assateague Island with her Girl Scout troop. She’s in the water behind Chance. The park ranger was nice enough to bring us a special beach wheelchair for him. It was so comfortable, he promptly fell asleep.

Normally, I would have had Chance facing the water, but he hates wind. So it worked out well for my picture because it shows a tiny bit of the heartbreak that special needs parents go through on a daily basis. Chance should be out there in the water playing with his younger sister, but he can’t. He should be enjoying a day at the beach, but he can’t. And his legs look so thin. It’s heartbreaking. πŸ’”