Bitchy business

I hate to toot my own horn 🎷, but  TOOT!  I really do hate self promotion, which doesn’t really jive with having your own business.

Fun rosary

My business is @Etsy and it’s a great place to be. I try to shop there exclusively for gifts, because I find so many unique and affordable items. Above and below are some pics of the jewelry and rosaries I make. It’s really fun to get my creativity on and I appreciate this freedom. For so many years, as a single mother, I just worked and grocery shopped and cooked and cleaned and paid bills and took care of my children. There was no time for anything else except occasional sleep.

Madonna and child

So now I can add jewelry designer/maker to my already diverse resume. And although I’ve spent more than I’ve made so far, maybe the shop will one day be successful. I really want to help my husband out. He worries about paying the bills and works so hard, I worry about him. 😖

So here’s to creativity, because life is meant to be enjoyed and it’s fun to make stuff!


Christmas Hacks

Just today, Christmas eve, I discovered a couple of ways to beautify and save money too!

Christmas savings hacks beautify
Gift bag tag

Here’s the saving money hack. Above is a gift bag. I don’t know about you, but my family trades gift bags back and forth. They’re too expensive and too pretty to just throw away. Soooo, long story short, I put my sticky tag on the tissue paper so the bag isn’t ruined. Replacing one piece of tissue paper is so much cheaper and easier than replacing a gift bag.

Now for the beauty hack:

I got these cheapy ornaments at the grocery store and added ribbon, bells and charms to them. They look and sound so much prettier (and more expensive).

Here’s a close up of one.

Ornament with ribbon, bells and charms.
Here’s another photo:

Ribbon, bells charms ornaments.

Here’s the finished “product”.


How to make your own jump rings.

I don’t know about you, but I hate when I’m in a creative mood (rarely) and don’t have an element to finish my piece.

So, I think it’s imperative to learn how to make your own findings, ear wires and pendants.

20 gauge wire

OK, #1 Grab some wire. Above is 20 gauge, which is pretty thick, but it’s what I had on hand. You might want to use 22 or 24 gauge. I get the wire above from Michaels and, it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s PINK !!!

2 – Wrap the wire around a pencil several times, shown below: , then slide off.

#3 Cut the wire at the same spot. You may have to pull back and only cut one or two at a time, as I did.

Wire and cutter

And voila! We have jump rings! They’re really nice for adding that rustic, organic, one of a kind feel to your pieces. That’s why people come to #Etsy, I think.


Please see more at my shop.



I’m kind of obsessed with making rosary bracelets. They’re so easy. All I need is memory wire, a small cross and miraculous medal, 6 Our Father beads and lots (53) of Ave beads.

There’s one above. I found a huge beaded necklace at Goodwill and used some of those beads here. I also added a seed bead between each Ave bead and for the Our Father beads there are beautiful small silver beads on each side of silver bead caps. The beautiful silver beads are from Snoochy Beads. Snoochy is in England but the postage is cheaper from there than from within the United States.?!

I love the miraculous medal in this one. It’s shaped like a rose and slides open like a locket to reveal the form of Mary.


For the bracelets above I used rose shaped beads for the Our Fathers. When I construct one of these, I work right off the spool. Start with 10 Ave beads and end with an Our Father. The cross goes with the Our Father end and the miraculous medal goes at the other.

Heart shaped rose

I love the bracelet above because of the heart shaped rose beads and the beautiful glass pearls. I also use a company called Gifts Catholic Inc for unique beads. They’re so fun and easy.

✌ on 🌎


I’ve gone to my second class at the Twisted Bead and learned how to make earrings! Here’s my first attempt.

Aren’t they cool? Basically, all I needed to learn was the wire wrapped loop technique that attaches the charms to the findings. I decided that mixed metals would be fun, so I used bronze, silver and gold colors. 

Here are some more earrings I made at home:

Made with resin flower charms, #Snoochybeads, findings
Angel earrings
Made with #Snoochybeads, peace charms and findings.

Update: The first pair of earrings have been sold! I’ve had 7 sales in my first 2 weeks. I’m really thrilled.