Little garden of Hope

There’s a little garden out back,
It holds so many delights.
There are shrubs and trees,
Of course.
A couple of small statues too. One is a woman, older and with her hair in a bun. She is sitting cross legged with several birds in her lap. Another of a frog, who is sitting on a log. He holds a mug and is reading a book.

Special needs
Garden 🐸 : Winston

There’s water bubbling over river rocks, which sounds like music if you listen carefully. And a wind chime which sounds magical every time a strong breeze blows through.
This garden stays shady, cool and breezy even on the hottest of days. And it’s so quiet here, with the sound of the water, and birds tweeting.

There are several places to sit. Lots of benches, and tables to eat at or set your coffee on. And a beautiful garden gate that makes me feel like I’m entering a secret space. There are rocks, small and huge. One medium sized rock, sitting up by a brick wall, looks like a tiny monolith.

And flowers, lots of flowers growing wild throughout the space. They are so pretty and calming. Purple, pink, white and yellow. And everywhere, green.

This garden is attached to a lovely little chapel. It has stained glass and deep, soft carpet. It’s dark, cool and peaceful. A small organ graces the space. There are several faiths represented, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and others that reflect the diverse population here. You see…

Special needs
Anne Arundel Medical Center

This lovely chapel is attached to a hospital. And on the third floor of this hospital lies my son, surrounded by equipment, in ICU. No flowers are allowed inside here. Or balloons. Lines and tubes enter him, to help him breathe, for easy access to blood and to deliver food and medicine. It started with pneumonia and just went downhill from there.

His name is Chance and he is a very special boy. He’s still a boy, a baby really, even at 18 years old. His favorite doll lies by his side, waiting for him to wake up.

the Adventures of Chance and dolly.

He’s quite handsome, gentle, patient, usually happy. There are a lot of people who love him, my mother and sisters, his teachers, my husband and other children. We’ve been here for over three weeks and he’s fighting for his life, as are I and all of his nurses and doctors. He doesn’t have a father, never has. It’s just been he and I together for over 18 years. My husband helps a great deal, as well as our daughter and my oldest son. We hope, we cry, we laugh, we pray.

At the end, I sit by myself in the little hospital garden and cry. Oh, my Chance!


The Adventures of Chance and Dolly

I’m thinking about starting a new Pinterest page. It would follow my son, Chance, who is 18. Dolly is his loyal sidekick, and a doll. Yes, my 18 year old son still plays with a doll.

Introducing Dolly

Chance is a beautiful boy with special needs. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. You can read more about him in this post.

Chance as a little guy.

Dolly is a whole different story. My mother got this doll for my daughter for Christmas one year. My daughter never played with dolls. Weird but true. Dolly has velcro on her head because she came with several wigs, which have gotten lost over time. I’ve never actually worn a wig, have you? Anyway, Chance inherited dolly and she hangs out on his bed so they can sleep together every night. Chance likes to rub her hands and feet, as you can see in the photo above.

Babye Taney

I’m kind of neutral on the whole statue removal thing. That said, I also realize they are just outward projections of our inner strife. This one involving the whites who voted for Trump and the whites who didn’t. You thought this was about slavery or black vs. white or history? Sorry.

Civil rights
Taney statue Annapolis
I photographed the above statue in Annapolis a few years ago, never dreaming there would ever be controversy surrounding it. Also not knowing it had a twin up the road in Baltimore. I must applaud Mayor Pugh for having all 4 civil war statues removed overnight. This wasn’t really about the statues, it was about keeping the city and citizens safe, after what happened in Charlottesville. The mayor didn’t want any more protesting here or having riots again as with the BLM movement. Governor Hogan had the Taney statue in Annapolis removed the following night. 

New Dog Breed

Here’s an exciting announcement from the American Kennel Associated:

“We’ve discovered a new dog breed: Spotty-Bottomed Terrier”!

Dog breed
AKA Daisy
Oh and, #NotMyPresident #fairness #notherpresident @RealDonaldTrump

The long walk

My daughter and I took a walk today. In the city, found a parking spot. Done with a doctor’s appointment, isn’t our next destination close by? Let’s walk! (destination was not close by). We started at 275 West Street.

First we encountered a cool sign (we didn’t go in).

Maryland history
Annapolis street sign
Annapolis Maryland
Awesome sign

Then we encountered a beautiful hummingbird named Ruby!

Annapolis Maryland
Hummingbird Ruby

Then a giant chicken! The first of many.

Street Art

Then we saw some absolutely gorgeous murals. I had to wander down this street:

Street lights
Annapolis mural

To see this work of art!

Art Avenue
Annapolis art scene
Mural street art

We walked back to West Street.

Black History Month
Annapolis Mural
Another of those crazy, zany, beautiful, artistic chickens!!!

Annapolis, Maryland
There’s another one back there!

Wild crazy zany kooky
Giant chickens
Scary Annapolis
Ghost chicken

A pretty doorway, an Annapolis staple. 

And then, the coolest chicken yet!

There’s a loud exhaust fan blowing above this one, I wish you could hear it!

Baroak Chicken

We finished our second errand and turned back toward the 🚗. Whew, it’s hot! We got some water. Then a giant easel popped up!

Then another pretty mural @LemonGrass!

Mural @lemongrass

Another photo-op @Metropolitan!

Then almost back to our 🚗!

Wait! ✋ One more chicken.

Annapolis chicken
Metropolitan chicken