20 Easy Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween! It’s time to get, or make, your costumes. These #tutorials are so cool, I just had to share. Enjoy, and if you try any make sure to send me a photo!

Kid costumes
Halloween πŸŽƒ


Babye Taney

I’m kind of neutral on the whole statue removal thing. That said, I also realize they are just outward projections of our inner strife. This one involving the whites who voted for Trump and the whites who didn’t. You thought this was about slavery or black vs. white or history? Sorry.

Civil rights
Taney statue Annapolis
I photographed the above statue in Annapolis a few years ago, never dreaming there would ever be controversy surrounding it. Also not knowing it had a twin up the road in Baltimore. I must applaud Mayor Pugh for having all 4 civil war statues removed overnight. This wasn’t really about the statues, it was about keeping the city and citizens safe, after what happened in Charlottesville. The mayor didn’t want any more protesting here or having riots again as with the BLM movement. Governor Hogan had the Taney statue in Annapolis removed the following night. 

New Dog Breed

Here’s an exciting announcement from the American Kennel Associated:

“We’ve discovered a new dog breed: Spotty-Bottomed Terrier”!

Dog breed
AKA Daisy
Oh and, #NotMyPresident #fairness #notherpresident @RealDonaldTrump

The long walk

My daughter and I took a walk today. In the city, found a parking spot. Done with a doctor’s appointment, isn’t our next destination close by? Let’s walk! (destination was not close by). We started at 275 West Street.

First we encountered a cool sign (we didn’t go in).

Maryland history
Annapolis street sign
Annapolis Maryland
Awesome sign

Then we encountered a beautiful hummingbird named Ruby!

Annapolis Maryland
Hummingbird Ruby

Then a giant chicken! The first of many.

Street Art

Then we saw some absolutely gorgeous murals. I had to wander down this street:

Street lights
Annapolis mural

To see this work of art!

Art Avenue
Annapolis art scene
Mural street art

We walked back to West Street.

Black History Month
Annapolis Mural
Another of those crazy, zany, beautiful, artistic chickens!!!

Annapolis, Maryland
There’s another one back there!

Wild crazy zany kooky
Giant chickens
Scary Annapolis
Ghost chicken

A pretty doorway, an Annapolis staple. 

And then, the coolest chicken yet!

There’s a loud exhaust fan blowing above this one, I wish you could hear it!

Baroak Chicken

We finished our second errand and turned back toward the πŸš—. Whew, it’s hot! We got some water. Then a giant easel popped up!

Then another pretty mural @LemonGrass!

Mural @lemongrass

Another photo-op @Metropolitan!

Then almost back to our πŸš—!

Wait! βœ‹ One more chicken.

Annapolis chicken
Metropolitan chicken

Don’t judge me, I have a teenager.

My husband realized that our 13 year old daughter has not been using her toothbrush. We then came to the conclusion that she hasn’t been using her dermatologist ordered cream or antibiotic for acne. But she spent half an hour in the bathroom every night. What the hell was she doing in there? My husband deduced that she was playing on her phone for an extra half hour (and peeing). From the high level of sobs she emitted, we realized he was right. When asked why she wasn’t brushing her teeth all we could get out of her was, “I don’t know”.


She constantly wears a jacket. It’s got blue stripes and is like a hoodie, but with a zipper up the front. It’s about two sizes too big for her, so hangs on her like a potato sack, down past her butt. She wears it to school, to bed and everything in between. I hate it. It is horrid. No matter how nice she’s dressed, she looks like a slob. But there are the excuses; “It’s still chilly at the bus stop”, “It’s cold in the classsrooms”, and the ever popular, “I need the pockets”. Β She refuses to wear anything else. I used to think she might be embarrassed by her breasts or weight, so I let it go. Now I wonder if she’s been hiding things in those pockets.

The horrid jacket.

What happened to that adorable, bright, happy, loving toddler and little girl. The one who happily brushed her teeth. She had the most luxurious, long hair that sparkled in the sunshine. Now she wants it cut shorter and it’s greasy and hangs in her face all the time. She washes it every other night and a few hours later, it’s greasy again. I don’t remember being that greasy as a teen. Hey! Don’t judge me.

Looking cute with her brother and “Doggie”

More later.

Cologuard, because I don’t want anything stuck in my butt.

I don’t know about you and to each his own and all that shit, but personally, I avoid things stuck into my rectum at all costs. After I turned 50 though, my doctor said that I should schedule a colonoscopy, which I haven’t done yet, and I’m almost 52. Here’s why-

The risk factors for Colo-rectal cancer:

Factors that may increase your risk of colon cancer include:

Older age. …

African-American race. …

A personal history of colorectal cancer or polyps. …

Inflammatory intestinal conditions. …

Inherited syndromes that increase colon cancer risk. …

Family history of colon cancer. …

Low-fiber, high-fat diet. …

A sedentary lifestyle

Uncomfortable subject alert, so here’s a pretty flower to look at.

I don’t fit any of those, except maybe older age. So though I normally follow my doctor’s orders to a Capital T,  I waited. Because I’d seen a commercial for this crazy thing called Cologuard, though my doctor hadn’t heard of it yet. By the time I got another check up, he and my insurance company were in agreement that Cologuard is my best option to start. With the understanding, of course, that if this shows anything abnormal, the next step will be a colonoscopy.

Anywho, I’d like to take you on a journey and yes, it’s a poop journey, so I’ll try to be as sensitive as possible for the faint of medical stuff.

#1 Get! My doctor ordered the test and it was delivered to my house via UPS.

Box o’ poop test 

Follow  the instructions carefully!!!

Take your finished “sample” to a UPS store or call to schedule a pick-up. This is TIME SENSITIVE, so you must get it to UPS ASAP! Also, DO NOT do it on a Friday (as I did) because the weekend messes the whole thing up and you’ll have to do it again, as I did.

I haven’t gotten the results back yet, but hope this helps me avoid the whole colonoscopy ordeal for now. And remember this, take care of yourself, because nobody else will. 

UPDATE: Later that day!, my doctor’s office called and said everything is negative!!! That’s a good negative. Very relieved.