I thought I’d seen it all until…explosive diarrhea

My son Chance has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, intellectual handicaps and chronic, severe constipation. I tried to tell doctors when he was a baby, that he couldn’t poop for days and when he did, he would scream and the poop would shoot across the room and his rectum would turn inside out and bleed. As per usual, nobody listened.

So now his intestines are ruined, no motility and permanently misshapen. He’s been hospitalized three times because of it. They usually put in a naso-gastric (nose to stomach) tube and start pumping in “go-lightly”, which is the stuff people drink before certain procedures to clean out the intestines. They also give multiple enemas. The first time he was hospitalized for this they said it takes a day or two, but it took five days and 5 times the amount of go-lightly to finally start working. And when it did start working, oh boy! The smell! 👃 The mess! We called it a “code brown” and it would take me and at least 2 nurses to clean him up.

Unhappy boy
Not too happy ☺

So I did think I’d seen it all until the other day. See, since the last hospitalization, I’ve been following the doctors orders and diligently giving him miralax, a medicine to soften poop, and lots of it. He still wasn’t doing anything, so I started with the enemas. Six enemas over several days and he finally had a little poopy stain on his diaper, yay! 

Chance in hospital with his little sister

So I’m changing his diaper and cleaning him off and he coughed, which released a huge brown stream of poop, which shot across the room until it hit the bathroom door. I actually screamed in surprise and horror. So he’s a mess, some of it splashed on his bed and it’s dripping down the bathroom door toward the carpet! I didn’t know what to clean first.

Special needs

Looking back now, I can laugh…kinda! 


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