Petition for Equal Pay, Ladies

People are so scared, or maybe just too lazy, to step up and fight for anything these days. As the mother and advocate of a special needs child, I have to fight for his rights all the time. I fight to get him equipment, therapies, medical care, medication and a lot more. I get really tired of it, so there’s a pattern. I’ll find the strength to fight for a while, six months to a year, then stop for a couple of years.

Chance at Chincoteague

We coast on what I’ve managed to accomplish for a while and then I start again. Well, I’M IN FIGHT MODE and this time I’ve decided to fight for something different. I’m fighting for myself and all women who have been working for the past 50 years and, ILLEGALLY, not being paid as much as men. Here’s a link to my petition on Please check it out and sign if you agree. It won’t hurt, and might help.

Dancing in the rain. ☔

Thank you, thank you!!!


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