I told her so

I told my daughter that a dog, especially a puppy, is a lot of work. She didn’t realize that they chew on everything, that you have to watch them constantly, that they need lots of walks, that they will have accidents in the house unless you take them out every hour, that if she gets into the cat food there will be vomiting the next day, that they are CRAZY!!!


Shoot, I’d forgotten the extent of it all, having been 10 years since we had a puppy. Emily was only 2 then, so remembers none of it. But I think it’s been hardest on Mabel, our beloved kitty. 🐱 She was cool with being the only pet here for 6 months. And she didn’t ask to have this puppy here chasing her and waking her up when she’s sun bathing on the window sill.

We hope they will be friends soon.


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