Barely Aware

I am the voice he doesn’t have, the legs he cannot use.

Chance sleeping

Even though he doesn’t call, I answer. What Mother wouldn’t?

Model mate

His personality is there, just hard to find. He’s funny and stubborn. He gets mad when I mess with his hair. He’s also gentle, sweet and quirky.

Special olympics
Brother and sister

He’s sixteen, handsome and very much like a nine month old baby. His diaper needs changing, his meal hand fed.

Cute boy
Chance hope

He is very aware of sounds in the house, Sponge Bob Square Pants, my moods. Barely aware of “real” life.

Bored at Disney

I will literally love and care for him until the day I die, if my bones or brain don’t give out first. 😉

Chance out

Peace out.


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