I’m kind of obsessed with making rosary bracelets. They’re so easy. All I need is memory wire, a small cross and miraculous medal, 6 Our Father beads and lots (53) of Ave beads.

There’s one above. I found a huge beaded necklace at Goodwill and used some of those beads here. I also added a seed bead between each Ave bead and for the Our Father beads there are beautiful small silver beads on each side of silver bead caps. The beautiful silver beads are from Snoochy Beads. Snoochy is in England but the postage is cheaper from there than from within the United States.?!

I love the miraculous medal in this one. It’s shaped like a rose and slides open like a locket to reveal the form of Mary.


For the bracelets above I used rose shaped beads for the Our Fathers. When I construct one of these, I work right off the spool. Start with 10 Ave beads and end with an Our Father. The cross goes with the Our Father end and the miraculous medal goes at the other.

Heart shaped rose

I love the bracelet above because of the heart shaped rose beads and the beautiful glass pearls. I also use a company called Gifts Catholic Inc for unique beads. They’re so fun and easy.

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