Poor Freddie

I live near Baltimore. We travel there regularly for doctor’s appointments. In fact we’re seeing Chance’s neurologist at Johns Hopkins on Thursday.

One of the officers involved in the arrest was judged Not Guilty today. I’m happy for him, but sad for Freddie. Really just sad for Freddie. I hope Baltimore doesn’t erupt again.

I believe all these different trials are based on  a farce anyway. After working as an x-ray technologist for 15 years, I can testify that his neck looked really strange as the officers were dragging him to the van. Also, he wasn’t putting weight on his legs. At one point, they propped him onto his feet at the back of the van, but they were holding him up.             I believe his neck was broken BEFORE he was put in the van.

His screams are chilling, a mix of pain and panic. Somebody, probably one of the bike officers, knelt too hard on Freddie’s neck while he was laying prone. They probably heard it snap. It wasn’t done intentionally, but it was done. That’s why they didn’t seat belt him in. He couldn’t sit upright. Poor Freddie.


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