The Bane of my Existence.

There is something I’ve been forced to do since I was about 19 years old. They keep me busy almost every day. I have to have them for my kids and husband or I’ll get in trouble, but they keep disappearing or not coming clean. They make me spend a lot of time and money and the kids keep growing, so they keep changing. They are the Bane of my Existence and they are clothes!

Myself and Emily

There is ALWAYS laundry waiting. Since he works in construction, my husband goes through at least a couple shirts a day and a pair of pants every other day. Chance, my special needs child, who still wears diapers at 16 years old,  usually has a bed pad, 2 pairs of pants and at least one shirt every day. And my daughter, who is 12 and quickly turning into a teenager, needs bras, dresses, pants, blouses, and lots of underpants.

Oh, and socks, socks, socks! Don’t get me started on socks! They need to be matched, but I always end up with about 5 unpaired socks every time I fold clothes! Where the other ones disappear to, I don’t know.


My closet, a walk-in with tons of space, is bursting with clothes, yet I can never find anything to wear. Either they are not appropriate for the situation, too big or too small or totally out of date. I have some clothes that are 25+ years old.

My photo on a T-shirt

It’s not so much the washing of clothes that I hate, it’s the folding and putting away that sucks. I let several loads build up, sit on my bed and watch TV while I fold. That takes a couple of hours. Then I have to try to find space to put them away in my bulging closet or, even worse, the over filled drawers.
I know this is a first world problem and I should be happy not to have to use a washing board with water carried from a river and heated over a fire,  or having to go to a laundromat (which I have in the past), but it’s all relative. Right?


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