Tiptoe through the tulips

I knew Tiny Tim back in the day. This was back in 1985-86, when we were both traveling with Allan C Hill’s Great American Circus. Mr. Tim, as we youngsters called him, was the headline act. He would sit outside the circus tent reading the bible until his performance.

Tiny Tim

That’s my good friend Mike on the elephant. He was the only clown on the circus. One time, we were somewhere in Florida and Mike and I went to the beach with a bunch of other people. Somehow we missed our ride back to the circus and Mr. Tim (he didn’t drive) and his driver picked us up. On the way back, he asked me, “Does Mr. Dan know where you are?”. That was my boyfriend/eventual husband, who was an elephant trainer. Mr. Tim was quite upset that Mike and I were out alone together.


Another time, we were someplace with a cool trampoline in a gym. Mike and I were jumping on it at the same time Tiny Tim was being interviewed by a reporter. He introduced me as Miss Mary the elephant girl. 👧


He was a cool guy. A bit odd, but still cool. He died back in 1996. I remember feeling sad and also a bit nostalgic. By this time, my elephant trainer husband had died, leaving me alone at 27 with our 4 year old son. I was living back in my home state of Maryland and, having gotten an associates degree, was working as an x-ray technologist.
Of course, we always look back with nostalgia, thinking past times were simpler, because we forget the bad and remember the good. It’s human nature. I don’t know why it is, but it is.

So, so long, Mister Tim, it was a pleasure to know you.


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