Chance’s Web

My son, Chance will be starting the controversial “drug” called Charlottes Web. It’s named after a little girl who used it to control her seizures. It’s controversial because it is made from the marijuana plant.


The medicine was first named “hippies disappointment” because it is so low in THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets people high. This medicine, called “CBD” is the result. Check out this awesome website all about CBD:

The Ultimate Resource Page for Cannabidiol (CBD) – Healthy Hemp Oil › cannabidiol

There’s a family that is really involved in growing and processing this plant into Charlotte’s Web. In fact, they are the people who discovered it. They are affectionately called theStanleyBros, and their company CWbotanicals, grows, processes and sells the medicine that Chance will be trying for his seizures.


They’re a handsome bunch of guys, but I digress. When I bought this product, I got a small 500mg bottle first because it was only $75, rather than the $250 for the 5000mg/100ml bottle. I thought we’d try it and then move up to the more economical $250 bottle. But then I emailed Realm of Caring, wa foundation started by a seizure Mom which educates the public about CBD oil.

They have a dosing calculator and I was confused about it, so I reached out. This is where you want to go first online, by the way, because the prices I got online are sale prices I got for going through the Realm of Caring website first. They have A LOT of good information and a live video orientation you can participate in (I did).  Any way, they let me know that the bigger bottle is more concentrated, so that’s what we needed for therapeutic cases like Chance.


So after a few hiccups, it took four phone calls over four days to get the return label for the small bottle e-mailed (thanks to Julee Stanley), I got the correct product for Chance.

We’re not going to start it until I talk to his neurologist on May 26th. The doctors in Maryland won’t talk about this product, except to say they can’t guarantee the efficasy of it.  But, I at least want it in Chance’s record, and he’ll steer me if there may be any side effects with his other medications. Also, he just went off the Ketogenic Diet so it’ll give him a couple more weeks to transition.



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