1965 babies, Unite!

Help! I have always been under the impression that Baby Boomers included babies born through 1964. Really, I’ve read this and been under this impression for FIFTY years! I was born in April of 1965 and am suddenly hearing and reading that Baby Boomers are through 1965!
Hell NO, I’ve been laughing at, joking about and BELITTLING Baby Boomers for so long, thinking they were a generation before me. Now you’re telling me I’m a PART of them? I just lost my generation and I feel 10 years older.


See this photo of my daughter and I at the Maryland Rennfest? I NEVER would have posed for this had I known I was part of the Baby Boomers Generation! (not really).
Please join me in asking that Baby Boomers are considered through the year 1964, not 1965.
Peace to all.


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