Stalking my Teenager

I recently bought a video baby monitor to watch my fifteen year old!


There it is in the box above. I told my son about putting a camera in his room and monitoring his bed. He was fine with it and actually likes the fact that I can listen and talk to him through it.


Here’s the camera, which we mounted on the wall at the bottom of his bed. Although, I could have just set it in his windowsill too.

The viewing screen is awesome.


It’s fancier than I thought it would be and has night vision and 2 way talk. Here’s a photo of Chance laying in bed.


OK, so to be entirely forthcoming,
Chance has severe special needs. He has cerebral palsy and seizures. He is on the developmental scale of a 9 month old. And he’s almost 16.
Oh, and on top of that he has severe seizures. That’s why it’s imperative that I get to him quickly and supply medication, if needed.
I used to use a regular “sound” monitor but the camera is so much better. It’s more expensive, but already worth the price. A couple of times last night he woke me up with snoring or coughing and I didn’t have to get out of bed and run to his room because I could see he was alright. I’m watching him now during a nap.

This one’s called Safe Baby Tech LCD baby monitor which I bought through Amazon. I’m not promoting this ‘coz they’re not paying me! LOL. 😁 It’s just the one that seemed best for us.
Also, I do a lot of research because I Hate spending money! There’s so little of it to go around.



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