Soul Suck

Life sucks and the MVA (motor vehicle administration) is one of the reasons why. I’m here now to renew my licence after 5 years. I hate to give up my photo because it’s actually a good one, and I was 5 years younger.


I remember when I got my old license thinking, OMG, I’ll be FIFTY when I do this again! Well, here I am, fifty.
I understand why we all have to do this and vehicle registration and inspection and emissions. I really don’t want unlicensed people driving around in dangerous vehicles.
But, alas, it’s a damn hassle.
It’s actually not as bad as years ago. When I was a teenager there were sometimes lines out of and around the building. It’s much more efficient now.
Well, here it is and I was in and out in under an hour! Not too shabby.


Thank you Annapolis, MD MVA, for making my experience today tolerable!


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