Pay Women Their 22%

Pay gap petition

I’ve been working for 30 years.
Apparently we women weren’t being paid as much as our male counterparts. I want that money! Pay us back the 22%.


When I worked in Madeira Beach, Florida in the early 1990’s, sexism was the most blatant.
I worked for the public works department in landscaping and made minimum wage. There were 6 women in the crew and it was long, hot, back breaking work. We planted, mowed, trimmed and picked up trash. We also, occasionally, drove and operated big equipment like dump trucks, trash trucks, mowers, loaders and our daily work van with a trailer attached.


There was also a bunch of men who were on the “streets” crew. They didn’t seem to do much. Often we would see one of them coming out of a liquor store with a 12 pack of beer after lunch. Every man there was supporting a family with their wages, which had to be more than minimum wage. I couldn’t even afford health insurance because it would have taken a weeks pay.
The Equal Pay Act of 1963, yes 1963!, was supposed to outlaw these wage disparities. I’ve started a petition on asking the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to compensate all women who have worked since 1963 to compensate them the 22%. Maybe then our daughters and granddaughters will live better than we have.

Please sign!



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