Birthday blues

It’s my birthday…


After about 22, birthdays kind of suck. You wake up all, “Yeah, it’s my birthday!” And then… you go to work, or get up and tend a child. After being disappointed for about 10 years, you just come to expect it. Especially if you, like I, have a special needs child.

Birthday Muffin

My husband (he’s home from work since it’s a Saturday) got up and took care of Chance’s morning needs, but then he left to go shopping (he’s a beyond late kind of shopper). So here I am, on my 51st birthday, changing Chance’s diaper, getting his formula, worrying, worrying, worrying. Actually, the worrying never stops:(


Will he have a seizure today? Is he getting enough nutrition? Is he in pain? What if he breaks another bone? Why hasn’t he pooped in 8 days? Can I keep him alive?

Irish Coffee

Of course, we’re going out to dinner tonight where we’ll meet up with my Mother and one of my sisters. I’m really looking forward to that! Plus, it’s an Irish restaurant and I plan on having an Irish coffee, maybe two!
Update! I had 3 Irish coffees and I’m not really 39.



Maker Alert

Here’s something real simple that we did at Easter.

Supples needed:
12-18 Boiled eggs
1 Egg dying kit
1 Egg Beater
2-3 glasses of wine.




If you want to do a half and half color egg, the egg beater works great!
Odd using an Egg Beater for a boiled egg. Oh well, it’s all good. πŸ‡πŸπŸ‡πŸ Just like this post is waaayyy after Easter. Try to remember for next year. 😘

✌ on 🌏

Stalking my Teenager

I recently bought a video baby monitor to watch my fifteen year old!


There it is in the box above. I told my son about putting a camera in his room and monitoring his bed. He was fine with it and actually likes the fact that I can listen and talk to him through it.


Here’s the camera, which we mounted on the wall at the bottom of his bed. Although, I could have just set it in his windowsill too.

The viewing screen is awesome.


It’s fancier than I thought it would be and has night vision and 2 way talk. Here’s a photo of Chance laying in bed.


OK, so to be entirely forthcoming,
Chance has severe special needs. He has cerebral palsy and seizures. He is on the developmental scale of a 9 month old. And he’s almost 16.
Oh, and on top of that he has severe seizures. That’s why it’s imperative that I get to him quickly and supply medication, if needed.
I used to use a regular “sound” monitor but the camera is so much better. It’s more expensive, but already worth the price. A couple of times last night he woke me up with snoring or coughing and I didn’t have to get out of bed and run to his room because I could see he was alright. I’m watching him now during a nap.

This one’s called Safe Baby Tech LCD baby monitor which I bought through Amazon. I’m not promoting this ‘coz they’re not paying me! LOL. 😁 It’s just the one that seemed best for us.
Also, I do a lot of research because I Hate spending money! There’s so little of it to go around.


Soul Suck

Life sucks and the MVA (motor vehicle administration) is one of the reasons why. I’m here now to renew my licence after 5 years. I hate to give up my photo because it’s actually a good one, and I was 5 years younger.


I remember when I got my old license thinking, OMG, I’ll be FIFTY when I do this again! Well, here I am, fifty.
I understand why we all have to do this and vehicle registration and inspection and emissions. I really don’t want unlicensed people driving around in dangerous vehicles.
But, alas, it’s a damn hassle.
It’s actually not as bad as years ago. When I was a teenager there were sometimes lines out of and around the building. It’s much more efficient now.
Well, here it is and I was in and out in under an hour! Not too shabby.


Thank you Annapolis, MD MVA, for making my experience today tolerable!

Vanderbilt and Cooper

I just watched the HBO documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid.
It’s about Gloria Vanderbilt and her son, Anderson Cooper. Gotta’ love some Anderson Cooper.
I was devestated when he came out as gay, and shocked!
I have great gaydar (gay radar) because I’ve had a lot of gay friends and gone to a lot of gay bars. But I had no idea that Anderson Cooper was gay! I hope he has a couple (at least one) biological children with his partner.


Maybe I should start another petition on
We demand Anderson Cooper have at least one biological child.
Do it for your Mother and brother and Father, Anderson Cooper!
I wonder how many times I’ve said #AndersonCooper in this blog?
Anywho, the documentary is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Peace out. πŸ˜‡


A Life of Pain

There’s a lot more to fibromyalgia than just pain. Here are some of my symptoms from the chart below: severe allergies, severe and debilitating fatigue, rashes and itching, anxiety, depression, widespread pain, memory problems, spinal burn, intolerance to bright lights, morning stiffness in the muscles andΒ joints, sensitivity to weather and temperature changes and, not on list below, bitchiness.


Pay Women Their 22%

Pay gap petition

I’ve been working for 30 years.
Apparently we women weren’t being paid as much as our male counterparts. I want that money! Pay us back the 22%.


When I worked in Madeira Beach, Florida in the early 1990’s, sexism was the most blatant.
I worked for the public works department in landscaping and made minimum wage. There were 6 women in the crew and it was long, hot, back breaking work. We planted, mowed, trimmed and picked up trash. We also, occasionally, drove and operated big equipment like dump trucks, trash trucks, mowers, loaders and our daily work van with a trailer attached.


There was also a bunch of men who were on the “streets” crew. They didn’t seem to do much. Often we would see one of them coming out of a liquor store with a 12 pack of beer after lunch. Every man there was supporting a family with their wages, which had to be more than minimum wage. I couldn’t even afford health insurance because it would have taken a weeks pay.
The Equal Pay Act of 1963, yes 1963!, was supposed to outlaw these wage disparities. I’ve started a petition on asking the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to compensate all women who have worked since 1963 to compensate them the 22%. Maybe then our daughters and granddaughters will live better than we have.

Please sign!