Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

Sorry, there’s no actual blood involved here. More the opposite. It’s just Tuesdays, and 🔥’hot flashes’ 🥵. I hate Tuesdays, and hot flashes. And don’t forget fibromyalgia.

On Tuesdays, both my husband and oldest son are at work. That means I have no help with my middle son, Chance. He has severe special needs and is almost 21, so he’s a big boy now. Or so we say. He has a big body, but his intellect is more like a baby, or maybe a small child.

I’ve been waking up in a cold sweat. My husband says I toss, turn and complain in my sleep that I’m cold. Apparently, this is what people call hot flashes. Although it’s not the flashes that bother me, but the aftermath. Because this “flash” isn’t a flash. I end up pumping cold sweat for about an hour. It feels dreadful and my mood plummets at the same time. Also, the pain of fibromyalgia, always there but usually in the background, pumps up 10 notches and says “I’m back, bitch!”.

This past Tuesday I almost left my family. Because, although I love them and don’t want to leave, there are certain challenges that make life difficult. And it’s not them, but fibromyalgia, which complicates my life so. The pain, combined with the menopausal mood depression, makes me want to just pack up and leave. Everything hit at once and I just about lost it. My poor husband, who is so good to us, had to leave work because I was getting suicidal.

Now, I’m back on my hormone meds, PremPro, which my doctor stopped about two months ago. I love PremPro desperately, because it stops these old lady symptoms. There are more, some too personal to disclose. My gyno said I’d been taking it for too long, but I don’t care. I have too many responsibilities to feel that bad. And she said OK when I called, desperate for some relief. Thank you, Dr Sweitzer!!!

There will be blood!

A hot day at the dog 🐶 park.

It’s All Over but the Iceberg, people!

Been thinking about all these people who have recently died. When did death come for you?

Were you cozy and warm, asleep in your bed? Who found you that morning when you didn’t get up? Your daughter? Maybe your Mom or sister.

Maybe you were one of the “lucky ones” who got into the hospital. But then you died on a stretcher in the hallway, cold, thirsty and calling for the nurse, who never came.

No family by your side. Oh so lonely, this epic blackness engulfs you as you die in an ER waiting room.

Your family made you go to the hospital, dropped you off out front (Covid rules).They were so afraid they wouldn’t see you alive again. They didn’t.

Trauma all over. Good bye soon, 2020. I can’t say we’ll miss you.

Relearning Fractions

Well, well, well. We are happy to have a healthy child. We will not throw a Chromebook that belongs to the school in the trash. We are happy to keep our child home and healthy. We wonder how they came up with all these damn apps and why can’t they streamline it? My children and their health, and that of their teachers, is the most important thing to us. I’m so tired, I feel like I’ve suddenly started a full time job! And it was only 4 days. How am I going to handle 5?

We shall overcome! Keep going, keep safe. Ask questions. And stay out of restaurants 😜. Sorry, restaurants, I will miss you. I’ve always loved going out to eat twice a month or so. It’s just so relaxing to have someone else bring your food to you. It’s like the spa to me. I don’t get my nails done, or my hair did, or even tan (anymore). Eating out was my one indulgence. Maybe get a bunch of heaters so people can still sit outside in the cold? It might be fun. Outdoor booths, each with their own little heater. It sounds kinda romantic.

Anywho, I’m going to rest a bit. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!


First of all, let me get this out of the way. I blame Donald J. Trump and his sycophants for all of this. Ok, on to more interesting things.

Trump acting like an asshole, as usual.

Well, here we are, stuck in a suburban pandemic. Pandemia. It’s a thing. When this started in March, it happened quick. One day the kids were in school, the next they weren’t. School was, for the most part, over for the year. Our county tried to launch a virtual learning platform, but it was woefully unacceptable. And confusing. Personal computers have been around for 25 years now and I know there is successful and engaging e-learning out there, like University of Phoenix, which I’ve taken several classes through. So what happened with public education? Should they have had a more, wait, ANY virtual learning model set up for the future or students who can’t physically get to school?

Summer that wasn’t

The worst thing about this Novel Corona virus has been the uncertainty. Nobody knows anything. Every thing is new, hence the moniker ‘novel’. Who is dying and how and why? Will there be a vaccine developed and when? Should we wear masks? (Yes.) Will we develop immunity once we’re exposed? Do those steam thingies really de-bug airplane seats and school lockers? What assinine debacle will Trump perform next? Sorry, it just snuck in there. Gaiter, N95, cloth or medical masks? Will I ever be able to see my 80+ years old Mother again? Can I be with my handicapped, non-verbal son if he’s hospitalized? Most of the afflicted are dying without their families. Funerals are another thing of the past.

The hubby

I feel like we’re frozen in time. We can’t go anywhere, too many people. We can’t do anything, too many people. There will be no vacation this year, too many people. Just going down to our little neighborhood beach is a headache. People are flooding in and using it because there’s nothing else to do and nowhere to go. I saw a group of girls get a pizza delivered at the beach entrance. This is a small, hidden beach 🏖️ that hardly anyone ever used before all this.

Beach 3, Woodland Beach 🏖️

It’s stressful and exhausting to sit in your house imagining the worst, for months. Many are throwing off this stress and ignoring the whole thing. One of my sisters was buying a house in Florida (very high covid stats) recently, having flown from Maryland to the great penis of the nation. Flying isn’t considered safe right now either. I just can’t afford this magical thinking and selfish behavior, not with a vulnerable child.

From white suburban Mom to Trump

Doing our part

Today is beautiful. Today is news and plague and staying in and playing games.It sure feels like something’s going on. Are we at war?

The stock market falls and who really cares? Not me on the way to my third shitty job. The rich got rich on the backs of my Irish ancestors. It’s time to pay up. Why so many widows?

Thank goodness for our health, and thoughts and prayers. Just listen and be patient. Stock up but don’t hoard. We’re confused. Also concerned, considerate, conflicted, convoluted and conked. What will happen?

The Christians write about the End of Days, like it’s a party. Lots of parties are making the Governor mad. He will shut it down, or else. Are the salons really closed, what about my nails?

-Sarah Remington

In Crisis?

This is from my other blog, about my journey with my transgender teen. My youngest child. Feel free to follow.🌈

Suck Fest


I knew this was going to happen once we got a G-tube put into my son, who has cerebral palsy. Emergency hospital visits when it acts up. I went in to feed him lunch and I heard bubbling coming from somewhere. My first thought was that he had gotten the tube open. I try to keep it away from him, but occasionally I’ll catch him playing with the end of it, where I open it to feed him. This time, though, I saw some light colored blood and (stomach) liquid on his abdomen near the opening of tube to skin. It was still in, but leaking. We’re here now, waiting to go back. He’s 18 now, so we can’t go to the peds ER, where they usually get you right in.

G-tube issues

This sucks. What else sucks today? 💩

1. My husband and third child are out of town at a marching band tournament. 😮

2. My oldest son had to disrupt his schedule to help me get him here. I can’t lift him into or out of the car anymore. 😕

3. Waiting. 🤤

4. Chance gets no food until this is fixed. 💉

5. It’s Saturday 🤕

6. Again, it’s Saturday and we are at a small community hospital near my house. No doctor is even on call who can fix this. 😷

7. I think I left my front door opened. 😁

Sibling theme costumes
Chance as Raggedy Andy, years ago. His sister is, of course, Raggedy Ann.

10 Rules to follow before becoming a parent.

Let’s jump right in, here:

1. Have a good education BEFORE the kids arrive.

2. Travel widely and wildly.

3. Babysit, alot.

4. Be proud of yourself.

5. Find your Voice.

6. Be an advocate.

7. Actually listen to your parents stories.

8. Quit smoking

9. Gather your tribe*.

10. Always, always treat children gently and respectfully.

*Tribe – A group of people, blood relatives and friends, who will support you no matter what. The more the merrier. 😁

So I’m a Maker, it’s a thing.

Have you ever…

Rosary bracelet

made jewelry?

This is something I made myself, which is a real accomplishment considering I have more of a science-based rather than a creative brain. Also, my fingers often feel swollen, stiff and sore from fibromyalgia.

One of a kind
Rosary bracelet

I decided to start making unique Rosaries and Rosary bracelets. I’ve always liked things that have more than one use (science brain), and this jewelry is pretty as well as useful. Right? 🍀

Purse charms

Sometimes I make other things, like the purse charm above. This would make the perfect gift for an active woman who loves nature. She will love her faith but will rely on a bit of good luck now and then. 🤞

Rosary jewelry
Rosary bracelet

If you’d like to see more, here is my shop address: