Bitchy Meme

I made it myself, based on a true story in Maryland. It’s not in great taste but hey, I’m bitchy. 😯

In Crisis?

This is from my other blog, about my journey with my transgender teen. My youngest child. Feel free to follow.🌈

Suck Fest


I knew this was going to happen once we got a G-tube put into my son, who has cerebral palsy. Emergency hospital visits when it acts up. I went in to feed him lunch and I heard bubbling coming from somewhere. My first thought was that he had gotten the tube open. I try to keep it away from him, but occasionally I’ll catch him playing with the end of it, where I open it to feed him. This time, though, I saw some light colored blood and (stomach) liquid on his abdomen near the opening of tube to skin. It was still in, but leaking. We’re here now, waiting to go back. He’s 18 now, so we can’t go to the peds ER, where they usually get you right in.

G-tube issues

This sucks. What else sucks today? 💩

1. My husband and third child are out of town at a marching band tournament. 😮

2. My oldest son had to disrupt his schedule to help me get him here. I can’t lift him into or out of the car anymore. 😕

3. Waiting. 🤤

4. Chance gets no food until this is fixed. 💉

5. It’s Saturday 🤕

6. Again, it’s Saturday and we are at a small community hospital near my house. No doctor is even on call who can fix this. 😷

7. I think I left my front door opened. 😁

Sibling theme costumes
Chance as Raggedy Andy, years ago. His sister is, of course, Raggedy Ann.

10 Rules to follow before becoming a parent.

Let’s jump right in, here:

1. Have a good education BEFORE the kids arrive.

2. Travel widely and wildly.

3. Babysit, alot.

4. Be proud of yourself.

5. Find your Voice.

6. Be an advocate.

7. Actually listen to your parents stories.

8. Quit smoking

9. Gather your tribe*.

10. Always, always treat children gently and respectfully.

*Tribe – A group of people, blood relatives and friends, who will support you no matter what. The more the merrier. 😁

So I’m a Maker, it’s a thing.

Have you ever…

Rosary bracelet

made jewelry?

This is something I made myself, which is a real accomplishment considering I have more of a science-based rather than a creative brain. Also, my fingers often feel swollen, stiff and sore from fibromyalgia.

One of a kind
Rosary bracelet

I decided to start making unique Rosaries and Rosary bracelets. I’ve always liked things that have more than one use (science brain), and this jewelry is pretty as well as useful. Right? 🍀

Purse charms

Sometimes I make other things, like the purse charm above. This would make the perfect gift for an active woman who loves nature. She will love her faith but will rely on a bit of good luck now and then. 🤞

Rosary jewelry
Rosary bracelet

If you’d like to see more, here is my shop address:

Lifestyle my Ass

Here’s a pic of me. My husband took it. He’s a good husband. Doesn’t it look almost elegant? It’s not, it’s at our local dog park. This is right before a swarm of mosquitoes attacked me. And Baja, such a beautiful girl, jumped all over me with muddy paws.

Almost bug time!

Daisy, Baja & Tom

It was fun! Next time I’ll use bug spray. 🐛

The Trach Monster Roars again. 5 steps to covering the healing skin.

Chance got his tracheostomy tube out a week ago, so why am I still dealing with the damn #trachmonster ?

The hole doesn’t want to close up. We’re supposed to keep an airtight seal, but Chance has other ideas. He scratches at the bandages, which is understandable, but I can’t have that so sometimes I’ll add the bright, stretchy material that doctors use after taking blood.

Medical fabric

Other than this and scissors, here are the supplies:

Here is #1 – the non adhesive foam dressing. Lay it sticky side up.

Make sure this one IS adhesive.

#2 will be the bandage. Lay it sticky side up right in the middle of the foam dressing from above.

#3 It’s just a 4×4 sponge. Fold it until it’s a 1×1 then lay it over the bandage sponge.

#4 and last, get some vasaline. I’ve got the strips, which I cut and lay over the 1×1 sponge. But you could just scoop up some regular vasaline (just a bit) and lay it on the sponge.

#5 Lay the vasaline directly over the hole and seal everything tight. You shouldn’t hear any air coming out of the hole. If you do, add tape to that area and put the stretchy material around the neck. Be careful, not too tight.

You’re going to build it, like this. Please ignore the bandages. Just add vasaline strip on top. Also the pad at bottom below should be adhesive also. Sometimes you can find a thin film that will cover everything.

A bandana is our best friend

These work well by themselves, but cost $5 each.