The Trach Monster Roars again. 5 steps to covering the healing skin.

Chance got his tracheostomy tube out a week ago, so why am I still dealing with the damn #trachmonster ?

The hole doesn’t want to close up. We’re supposed to keep an airtight seal, but Chance has other ideas. He scratches at the bandages, which is understandable, but I can’t have that so sometimes I’ll add the bright, stretchy material that doctors use after taking blood.

Medical fabric

Other than this and scissors, here are the supplies:

Here is #1 – the non adhesive foam dressing. Lay it sticky side up.

Make sure this one IS adhesive.

#2 will be the bandage. Lay it sticky side up right in the middle of the foam dressing from above.

#3 It’s just a 4×4 sponge. Fold it until it’s a 1×1 then lay it over the bandage sponge.

#4 and last, get some vasaline. I’ve got the strips, which I cut and lay over the 1×1 sponge. But you could just scoop up some regular vasaline (just a bit) and lay it on the sponge.

#5 Lay the vasaline directly over the hole and seal everything tight. You shouldn’t hear any air coming out of the hole. If you do, add tape to that area and put the stretchy material around the neck. Be careful, not too tight.

You’re going to build it, like this. Please ignore the bandages. Just add vasaline strip on top. Also the pad at bottom below should be adhesive also. Sometimes you can find a thin film that will cover everything.

A bandana is our best friend
These work well by themselves, but cost $5 each.

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The Medical Mom.

Chance in #medicalangst

This… from @TheMedicalMom

A Minor Bump in the Road

Have you ever been so tired that the taste of cheap coffee seems like a blessing?  Have you, looking into the mirror, not been able to remember the last time you showered or even brushed your hair?  Have you ever cried in a doctor’s office, finally letting go of all that stress you’ve been carrying so long?

The medical mama has.

She’s held her child as they’ve screamed in pain from an IV or a catheter.  She has comforted her baby through the metal rails of a hospital crib.  She has found a way to smile in the face of a child who has endured more medical interventions than the average grown man.

When it comes to medical jargon, she has the vocabulary of a tenured doctor.  She has spent the few moments she has to herself researching her child’s condition.  She is tired, but not weak.  She has broken…

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Couldn’t follow instructions?

I put my son in a “rehab center”. I use quotes because it was just a glorified nursing home. He lasted 24 hours before being transported by ambulance back to the hospital.

Chandelier at “Rehab center”

He was dehydrated, hadn’t had at least one of his seizure meds for 32 hours, so was seizing, soaking wet, and his stomach tube had blown out and nobody noticed. And that was after I’d left him with them for a few hours to have dinner with my other people.

When I experienced The Big Fail I was able (barely) to keep him alive and well for two days. He lasted 24 hours there and had a plethora of problems. I guess it’s just not a good fit for him. He needs 24/7 care at a high level. Not stick him in bed and check on him occasionally.

Special needs child

He wasn’t even a candidate for physical therapy there, they informed me, after he was already there because he couldn’t follow instructions. I’m not sure why that discounts him from therapy. He’s been in bed for months and is very weak. He’s sat up a few times but hasn’t walked the whole time, which is something he does at school. I think he needs, at least, physical therapy.

So here we sit in the ER waiting for a room to open up, as per usual. He’s sleeping like the baby he is while I, meanwhile, have been sitting up in a straight backed chair all night. I’m so exhausted and I so want all of this to just go away. But it won’t and neither will I. Peace ☮️ out.

Care and feeding of the trach monster.

It’s started already, I knew it would. People, even some nurses, are afraid to come near Chance because of his tracheostomy. I don’t blame them, it freaks me out too. So I’ve begun to think of it as the Trach Monster.

They don’t see his handsome face anymore, they just see this:

Trach care

Trach monster

The G-tube doesn’t bother me too much. It’s hidden beneath clothes and doesn’t need to be kept sterile. And it’s not as sensitive as the trach. Every time I try to latch the new trach tube on, he starts coughing and fighting and I hate having to do that to him. 😟

And to see people treat him like a leper all of a sudden, it just hurts my heart. I wish they would stop looking at the trach tube and look at the human being above it. Maybe one day…

“Come away o’ human child, to the waters and the wild, with a faery hand in hand, from a world more full of weeping than you can understand.” ~ W.B. Yeats